AR Certification

About Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a personalized practice and daily progress-monitoring system that helps teachers accurately and efficiently monitor student progress in quality (comprehension), quantity, and difficulty of books read. 

There is a basic three-step approach: 
First, a student reads a book they have self-selected either at school or at home.Second, the student takes a computerized quiz of 5, 10, or 20 items at school, depending on the length of the book.Third, the student and teacher receive immediate feedback via informative reports that detail the books read, number of words read, book reading levels, and level of comprehension (percent correct on quizzes). 
AR includes quizzes to assess vocabulary and literacy skills, as well as Spanish language and recorded-voice quizzes.

What Makes Accelerated Reader Special

While it is true that Accelerated Reader helps teachers efficiently manage the details of student reading practice, for students it fosters the vital connection between students and books—that love of reading is so critical for success in school and beyond
AR Best Practices recommend students not only read books at appropriate levels of challenge and interest but also be given choice in what they read. 
Once students learn to read, having choice over what they read is motivational, not to mention essential, so that they learn to love to read.
(What Kids are Reading, 2010)

Three Tips for Reading with Your Child

  1. Ask questions. Ask your child questions about what you see together on each page. This helps to focus your child's attention and to build vocabulary.
  2. Add to your child's own ideas. Take time to expand on what your child says. Doing so encourages your child to say more than he or she would naturally.
  3. Ask your child to repeat. After you introduce something new, ask your child to repeat what you've said. This encourages your child to use new language and it builds vocabulary.

AR Levels:

  • Independent Reader:
    • Pass 3 tests on reading level 1.2 or higher
    • earn 10 points
  • Rising Reader:
    • Pass 3 tests with reading level 1.6 or higher
    • earn 10 points
  • Super Reader:
    • Pass 3 book tests worth 1 point or more
    • 2.0 reading level or higher.
  • Advanced Reader:
  • Star Reader:
    • Pass 3 book tests worth 4 points or more
    • 4.0 reading level or higher
  • Classic Reader:
    • Pass 3 book tests worth 7 points or more
    • reading level of 6.0 or higher

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